About me

I am a computer scientist specializing in Information Visualization (mentored by Steve Franconeri) and Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (mentored by Mike Horn).

Since 2012, I have also worked for professors in various other areas, including Medieval Anthropology (Matthew Johnson), Network Analysis (Luis Amaral), and Journalism (Rich Gordon). I am a former Design Editor at The Daily Northwestern and a former Fellow at the Knight News Innovation Lab.

Broadly speaking, I am interested in how humans utilize tools to facilitate our collective “construction of reality.” This includes the use of numbers and graphs, computer interfaces, maps, social narratives, and music.

Born in Seoul, Korea, I moved to Singapore at age 11, and then to Westchester, NY at age 15. I obtained American citizenship in 2016 and currently reside in Brooklyn, NY. I practice yoga at Usha Veda, and train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Dominyka Obelenyte.

I am a certified Tableau Desktop developer, and open to freelance work. I currently work at Blenderbox as part of a team developing MySchools.nyc, the parent portal for New York City public schools.

Franconeri, Hong, Kosara, Haroz